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Enron brings back the future

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I saw Enron this week at the New Theatre in Newtown in the company of a my daughter and her student friends. In the Enron days I worked at tech start up Comindico and visited Enron in Houston. Before the show I was reminiscing to her group about the crazy things Enron tried, like putting Blockbuster video down dial-up internet connections and betting on weather futures.

Well, it was all in the show (to my delight) and a lot more besides. What a great brew of business & social history, psychology and drama they packed into that play. The scariest thing was in the epilogue; “The business practices pioneered by Enron [that put their CEO in jail] were adopted by finance industry and brought about the Global Financial Crisis”.

If you lived through the craziness of recent financial bubbles then Enron is a must see event. In fact if you haven’t lived through a bubble yet this play is a prophecy that you soon will.

Oh, and you will love the Raptors.

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