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Lessons in Social Media Engagement from Turkish PM’s Speech

I was struck by the impression Prime Minister Erdogan gave this week of a person in a mental state of siege.  I wonder how many CEOs feel the same way when people say bad things about their company on Facebook and Twitter…

‘Mr Erdogan was speaking hours before police used water cannon and tear gas to disperse thousands of flower-bearing protesters who gathered in Istanbul’s central Taksim square to commemorate four people who have died since the Turkish unrest erupted on May 31.
“The same game is being played in Brazil,” Mr Erdogan told a large rally of his supporters in the town of Samsun on Saturday. “There are the same symbols, the same posters. Twitter, Facebook is the same, so are international media. They are controlled from the same centre. They are doing their best to achieve in Brazil what they could not achieve in Turkey. It is the same game, the same trap, the same goal.”’ (as reported in The Nation).

There are elements here of a generational gap in attitudes and difficulty in dealing with internationalisation (or maybe the Americanisation) of national cultures. No doubt company managers share the same sense of isolation and even bewilderment at new cultural currents sweeping through social media and sometimes breaking over their heads. My sense is the drive for financial survival will rejuvenate middle-aged management culture like it or not.

Its either that or load up the tear gas canisters.

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Now we can see why Huawei is blocked from the NBN and the implications for what we put online

It has always seemed obvious to me why Huawei is blocked from the NBN. Australia is party to the security harvest from US security services gleaned from friendly technology vendor backdoors  and assumes Huawei would work the same way with its national parent.

According to the Guardian “GCHQ [UK’s equivalent of the NSA] has placed more than 200 probes on transatlantic cables and is processing 600m “telephone events” a day as well as up to 39m gigabytes of internet traffic. Using a programme codenamed Tempora, it can store and analyse voice recordings, the content of emails, entries on Facebook, the use of websites as well as the “metadata” which records who has contacted who.”

It is wise to assume that anything put into social media is likely sometime to be in the public domain.

To paraphrase Murphy’s Law; “Every secret that can come out will come out, and usually at the worst possible time”

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Enron brings back the future

I saw Enron this week at the New Theatre in Newtown in the company of a my daughter and her student friends. In the Enron days I worked at tech start up Comindico and visited Enron in Houston. Before the show I was reminiscing to her group about the crazy things Enron tried, like putting Blockbuster video down dial-up internet connections and betting on weather futures.

Well, it was all in the show (to my delight) and a lot more besides. What a great brew of business & social history, psychology and drama they packed into that play. The scariest thing was in the epilogue; “The business practices pioneered by Enron [that put their CEO in jail] were adopted by finance industry and brought about the Global Financial Crisis”.

If you lived through the craziness of recent financial bubbles then Enron is a must see event. In fact if you haven’t lived through a bubble yet this play is a prophecy that you soon will.

Oh, and you will love the Raptors.

ASX listings should be all atwitter

Keeping the market informed takes on a new meaning (Down with Vogons)

Like the victim of a Vogon demolition notice published in the Galactic Hyperspace Planning Council  basement I have often found keeping abreast of share market announcements very frustrating. Published in pdf on the ASX website, they would be very useful if you knew it in time to do something.

As an occasional retail investor I think the recent SEC initiative to sanction social media as a channel for market sensitive announcements is a breath of fresh air. No doubt it will drag a wide range of companies into social media engagement with their stakeholders (albeit kicking and screaming)