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Now we can see why Huawei is blocked from the NBN and the implications for what we put online

It has always seemed obvious to me why Huawei is blocked from the NBN. Australia is party to the security harvest from US security services gleaned from friendly technology vendor backdoors  and assumes Huawei would work the same way with its national parent.

According to the Guardian “GCHQ [UK’s equivalent of the NSA] has placed more than 200 probes on transatlantic cables and is processing 600m “telephone events” a day as well as up to 39m gigabytes of internet traffic. Using a programme codenamed Tempora, it can store and analyse voice recordings, the content of emails, entries on Facebook, the use of websites as well as the “metadata” which records who has contacted who.”

It is wise to assume that anything put into social media is likely sometime to be in the public domain.

To paraphrase Murphy’s Law; “Every secret that can come out will come out, and usually at the worst possible time”